Horizon: The Frozen Wilds DLC releases Nov. 7th

Sony and Guerrilla Games will release The Frozen Wilds, a huge expansion for GOTY candidate Horizon: Zero Dawn, on November 7th.

The expansion will cost $19.99 though PS+ members who pre-order it will get it for $15.

The add-on has Aloy on a new adventure through a frozen tundra, encountering new characters, enemies and robo-dinos. If Horizon had released any other year it would be an easy pick for GOTY but with so many stellar titles out in 2017, its a very close race. Perhaps The Frozen Wilds will put Horizon over the top.

This DLC does release the same day as the Xbox One X and Crackdown 3 so Sony seems to have deliberately timed its release to counter Microsoft’s own holiday hype.