Dragon Quest XI sells over 2M in just two days in Japan

Don’t let anyone tell you the console market in Japan is dead, as Dragon Quest XI debuted to over 2 million copies sold last week in Japan despite only having two days of sales tracked.

The 3DS version of the game sold 1.130 million copies while the PS4 version 950k copies. Nintendo’s sublime online shooter, Splatoon 2, managed to move an additional 105k units last week in Japan despite Dragon Quest taking up a lot of the spotlight. The squid-kid shooter now sits at 753k copies sold in Japan and is the best selling first party Nintendo Switch game in the region.

For hardware it was a fantastic week all around. Dragon Quest boosted the 3DS to the top spot, selling 142k units while the game pushed Sony’s PS4 to 93k. Nintendo was able to produce more Switch units, coming in at 89k sold which is still on the backs of Splatoon 2.

August will be a crazy sales month in Japan with Monster Hunter XX shipping on Switch on 8/25 and the fallout from Splatoon/Dragon Quest continuing.

2017 sure has been a great period for Japanese gaming, both in Japan and in western markets.