Capcom leaves ‘licenced by Nintendo’ in PS4 version of Mega Man Collection

In one of the more comical errors in recent gaming history, Capcom has mistakenly left the term “licenced by Nintendo” in the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. This collection of older Mega Man games, some of which appeared on the SNES, should clearly not mention Nintendo at all.

Infact, despite the Switch being a runaway sales success and third party software selling very well on it, Capcom isn’t bringing either Mega Man Collection to the system.

Here is the image, which is apparently only in the PS4 version.

For reference, Microsoft went through great lengths to remove any mention, copyright or reference, to Nintendo from Rare Replay, a collection of classic Rare games which released in 2015.

Nintendo could pursue legal action against Capcom for including this in a non-Nintendo game. I don’t believe they will, Capcom will probably rush a patch out to fix this. Still, its a funny error to see.

This is the same Capcom that shipped Okami on the Wii U with an IGN watermark on the cover art and the same company that spelled Revelations wrong when Resident Evil Revelations released on 3DS in 2012.