Her Story creator making spiritual successor called ‘Telling Lies’

Sam Barlow’s Her Story was one of the biggest indie hits of 2015, innovating with its interactive DVD style gameplay. In the game, players searched files on a virtual desktop computer to unravel a greater mystery about a woman using seven police interview videos. It won countless GOTY awards and put Barlow on the map, though he had already established some notoriety from his time with Climax Studios, the developer behind Silent Hill Shattered Memories.

Now, Barlow’s next game, Telling Lies, will be an evolution of Her Story. He promises that the PC game will be a “spiritual successor” but with a much bigger scope and increased production values.

Annapurna Interactive will publish Telling Lies. The game’s filming won’t start until early next year and the script isn’t finished so it is a ways off. Still, its fantastic to see Barlow’s creativity rewarded with a bigger budget follow up to one of this generation’s most original games.