Pokemon GO fest is a trainwreck, refunds given out

Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO, had a rough weekend. It was supposed to be a fun celebration of Pokemon GO’s first birthday in Chicago as thousands of Pokemaniacs traveled to play the game together, along with other festivities.

For some reason, no one at Niantic thought having thousands of people slam their servers all at once in the same area would make their servers inaccessible. The company’s CEO got booed on stage during the event and the Pokemon GO fest livestream was a trainwreck only topped by summer 2016’s so-bad-I-have-to-watch Sonic The Hedgehog livestream by Sega where the company had the world’s most awkward looking person in a Sonic costume dance on stage along with countless other issues.

Since the event, Niantic has refunded all tickets for Pokemon GO fest attendees, apologized for the poor event and given out $100 to festival go-ers using GO’s in-game currency.

While I’m sure running Pokemon GO, one of the most successful mobile games of all-time, is a stressful job, I can’t imagine any scenario where you don’t expect everything that went wrong to go wrong. Pokemon GO fest could have been so much more successful but sadly this event will haunt Niantic for some time. I’m sure The Pokemon Company and Nintendo aren’t thrilled with seeing their IP misused this way.