Atlus may announce Persona Q-2 very soon

Persona mega-fan and translator for Persona Central MysticDistance has posted on Twitter a significant discovery for fans of Persona Q.

Atlus registered the domain name pq2.jp earlier this year but today they changed the site to share the same IP and server as P-atlus.jp, the developer’s official website.

Persona Q was a hybrid of Etrian Odyssey RPGs and Persona 3 and 4’s cast. The dungeon crawler released in November 2015 on 3DS in America and a sequel for 3DS seems likely.

I would prefer the game to come to Switch as well though I wouldn’t expect it. Atlus has released countless Etrian Odyssey games and RPGs on 3DS this generation. Why not try one more?

Then again, they are making a new Shin Megami Tensei for Switch so perhaps PQ2 can be cross platform and test the waters on both. I know I would be more likely to buy the game if its on Switch as well as 3DS.