Amiibo features in Metroid: Samus Returns revealed

Metroid: Samus Returns ships on 3DS on September 15th, less than two months away! Since the game’s reveal at E3, fans have been wondering what the game’s Amiibos would do in-game.

Now, we finally know how the figurines factor into this remake of Metroid II.

The Samus Aran (Metroid line) Amiibo will give players the Elon Reserve Tank and a Metroid II art gallery. The art gallery will be unlocked after beating the game for non-Amiibo owners.

The Metroid Ammibo will tell you the location of the nearest Metroid and give you access to fusion difficulty mode which unlocks the fusion suit.

The Smash Bros Samus with her suit will unlocked the Missile Reserve Tank and the concept art gallery while the Zero Suit Samus figure will unlock the Energy Reserve Tank and the sound test. Both the sound test and art gallery can be unlocked by beating the main game.

It sounds like using all the Amiibos will give players a distinct advantage in the game, at least in terms of missile and energy recovery. As is, I’m excited for a return to 2D Metroid even if I wish the game was on Switch instead of 3DS.