Sony’s Shawn Layden says there will be PS5 ‘in some time’

German website recently interviewed PlayStation’s Shawn Layden and he reiterated Sony’s past statements about the company still believing in traditional console generations.

The company released the PS4 Pro last year, supporting 4K resolution in some games and enhancing the stock PS4 hardware with numerous improvements like a 4.2 Teraflop GPU, an increase over the original PS4’s 1.84 Teraflop graphics processor.

Layden says that Sony is still committed to releasing a real PlayStation 5 eventually and that they will not adapt a smartphone like model where they release new console variants with increased power every few years. Layden also restated, like the company has many times, that there will never be a game that runs only on PS4 Pro and not on the stock PS4.

When asked if the company will eventually rely on a conventional PS5, Layden said this:

Yes. It will probably be some time.

With AMD not shrinking their APUs to 7nm until 2019-2020, I imagine that is the absolute soonest we will see a PlayStation 5. The PS4 is the run away sales leader this generation and Sony would be wise to not end the generation any sooner than they have to.

So while Microsoft says they are moving a generation-less model where new Xbox hardware can arrive every few years, it appears Sony will stick to tradition.