Respawn testing Titanfall 2 in 6K resolution on Xbox One X

The Xbox One X will run Xbox One games in 4K resolution, some upscaled while some will be native 4K.

Recently, one of the developers at Respawn posted posted online about how the developer isn’t just aiming for 4K on Xbox One X, they’re going to 6K.

Yes, you read that right. The game uses a dynamic resolution and Respawn has been testing the game running at 3200p, higher than the 2160p that we see in 4KTVs. This would supersample the image to give 4KTV users an even better image.

At this moment it isn’t clear if 6K dynamic resolution will make it into the final game when Xbox One X ships in November but the fact that Respawn has it running at 3200p and 60 frames per second is impressive and speaks volumes about the Xbox One X’s 6 teraflop GPU.