Microsoft cuts Xbox One price to $249

Update: After their initial announcement lacked details, Microsoft has said that only certain $300 bundles are going on sale for $50 off, bringing the system’s overall price down to $249, not $199. The $249 Minecraft bundle will not get the discount. And the sale seems to be temporary. Sorry for the confusion!

Original Post: Microsoft announced today that they are cutting the price of the Xbox One S by $50 across all models and SKUs. This would put the 500GB Minecraft system bundle down to a paltry $199.99. 1TB consoles will cost $249.99.

The company had not returned comment about whether this deal is a limited time event, like Sony’s nine day $50 off PS4 sale or if it will last past E3.

With their upgraded 4K console, Xbox Scorpio, coming out this holiday there is a chance this price lasts longer than a few weeks. $199 for an Xbox One S, with 4K Blu Ray playback and Minecraft, is a great deal for families.

The company’s E3 keynote will take place tomorrow, June 11th at 4PM CST.