Bungie ‘evaluating’ 4K Destiny 2 on Xbox One X

Destiny will run at 4K and 30 frames per second on PS4 Pro when the game launches on September 6th. Sony’s upgraded console will not play the game at 60 frames per second, disappointing many fans. Nor will the Xbox One X version of the game, as Bungie says the game’s frame rate is limited by the somewhat restrictive CPUs in current consoles.

The Project Lead on Destiny 2, Mark Noseworthy, says that the studio has nothing to say about whether the Xbox One X version of the game will receive the 4K treatment though I imagine it will. He said that despite Sony’s marketing deal with Activision on Destiny, that the studio would not hold back the performance of the game on one platform just because another platform maker has the marketing rights.

We would never hold back game performance on a platform to appease a partner. No partners asked us to either. We optimize for each platform’s tech to deliver the best social action game experience we can. Period. All consoles will run at 30fps to deliver D2’s AI counts, environment sizes, and # of players. They are all CPU-bound. We are currently evaluating 4K for Xbox One X. It launches after D2 and so we are focused on the launch consoles right now.

I would imagine that the Xbox One X version will run at 4K and 30 frames per second, despite the Xbox having a slightly higher clocked CPU than the PS4 Pro. Sony probably won’t stop Bungie from making the XBX version run at 4K like on the PS4 Pro but I would imagine they don’t want the studio talking about it until AFTER the PS4 version ships in September. The Xbox One X does not release until November 7th.