BioWare’s new shared world RPG Anthem revealed

After teasing BioWare’s new IP, Anthem, EA finally pulled back the curtain on the RPG studio’s new franchise. Anthem will come to Xbox One, PC and PS4 in the fall of 2018. Yes, its that far away after all.

It is an action RPG that looks to give the studio a new IP other than The Old Republic, Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

Anthem is a shared world RPG shooter, much like Destiny. Players will have a wide range of traversal and attack abilities stemming from their characters Javelin suit, an upgradeable tool that lets them fly and leap through the game’s open world.

This appears to be the long rumored new BioWare IP that the studio had been working on since 2012. It may have gone through some reboots in its 5-6 year development cycle. As is, it looks promising to me.