‘Big’ Pokemon Nintendo Direct airing tomorrow morning, Pokemon RPG for Switch may be revealed

Nintendo has announced a new Pokemon Direct for tomorrow morning, June 6th. It will air at 9 AM CST and will only be 8 minutes long.

The Pokemon Company is saying this Direct will have “big news”. Last year, Eurogamer reported that Nintendo and Game Freak were planning on releasing a third version of Pokemon Sun and Moon, called Stars behind the scenes, for the Nintendo Switch. This would be the first time Pokemon has been available in HD on a home console.

Of course, Game Freak is the same developer who released Pokemon Black & White on the Nintendo DS during the month the 3DS came out in March 2011 and then again released Black & White 2 only on Nintendo DS in 2012. They wouldn’t release a 3DS exclusive Pokemon RPG until October 2013.

It has been rumored for a while that the Switch would get this new version of Stars, with new content and enhanced in HD, but it remains to be seen if it will leave 3DS behind. With Monster Hunter XX being announced to have cross-platform play and cross-save between the 3DS and Switch versions, perhaps this new Pokemon game will be for both.

Additionally, a port of the arcade/Wii U fighter Pokken Tournament has been rumored for the Switch for a while too. Tomorrow morning will surely be one for the record books!