Sonic Forces will have a character creator

In an odd twist that I certainly didn’t see coming, Sega had announced that for the first time ever a Sonic game will have a character creator. When Sonic Forces launches this holiday for PS4, Xbox and Switch it will allow players to create characters based off of 7 different types and play through 2D stages similar to classic Sonic games using them.

The character types include a Bear which can blowaway enemies with homing attacks,
a bird that can fly via double jumping, a cat that always keeps one ring after being hit, a dog that restarts with 5 rings if the player dies, a hedgehog that collects rings when taking damage, a rabbit that is invincible for longer times after getting hit and finally a wolf, which automatically pulls rings towards it.

I’m not sure how well this will be executed but I’m open to it. I’m still more excited for Sonic Mania than Forces but hey, at least Sega is trying something new.