Sega planning to revisit older IPs

Hold onto your butts old-school Sega fans, the company is reportedly planning to revive several IPs leading up to 2020.

This is part of their “road to 2020” where the company hopes they will have increased global success. They plan to do this by leveraging existing IPs and reviving older ones. Alex Kidd, Jet Set, Shenmue and Panzer Dragoon fans have some hope!

They also say they will be making “bigger” games after several years of scaling down. Persona 5 has been a huge success for them both in Japan and in western markets so it appears they’ve found the traditional console market to be attractive once again after shifting to mobile in recent years. Lastly, they say that they plan to make most of their games multiplatform which makes sense given the market differences from one end of the earth to the other.

As is, this news fills me with an unhealthy amount of excitement. Sonic Mania seems like a 2D return to form for the blue blur and if Sega can revive some of their Saturn and Dreamcast era IPs, I will be very happy. Of course, this is Sega so I do not advise getting your hopes up.