Phantom Dust remaster releasing for free

After showing little of the Phantom Dust remaster for a year, Microsoft has confirmed that the game will release on Xbox One tomorrow and for free!

Yes, for free, free. No Xbox Live Gold required. I’m kinda shocked at this as I imagine it cost a decent amount to remaster.

The game is a remaster of an original Xbox classic, directed by Yukio Futatsugi who is best known for the Panzer Dragoon series. It is an third person action and strategy game, originally releasing in 2004. The game will take up 8GB of HDD space and will only require 1GB of RAM on Windows 10 computers. There will be optional microtransactions to accelerate multiplayer deck building and Microsoft says players will not feel required to make purchases to stay competitive.

This game comes from a more creative era in Xbox’s history, when Microsoft was still trying to find their footing in the console space. The Xbox 360 was more than a year out and they were still greenlighting odd first party projects. Late in the 360 era it seemed like Microsoft didn’t want to release as diverse a game selection as their competitors Nintendo and Sony. The Xbox One has really gotten its ass kicked by Nintendo and Sony’s stellar first and third party software lineups in 2017 so Microsoft is wise to keep investing in older IPs that are as creative as Phantom Dust.

So tomorrow get to downloading folks!