New details on cancelled Sonic Skateboarding game from 2002 emerge

There are a ton of cancelled Sonic games, most notably Sonic X-treme for the Saturn in 1996. Unseen64 has shed light on Sonic Skateboarding game, oddly called Sonic Extreme, that was pitched to Sega back in the early 2000’s.

It appears Sega may have copied the idea from Visionscape, the developer who pitched it to them in 2002 and used aspects of it in the PS2 game Sonic Riders. This can’t be 100% confirmed and since Visionscape signed away the rights to their early concept to Sega while helping out with Sonic Heroes, they didn’t stand much of a legal chance.

This new video by Unseen64 is worth your time and at only 12 minutes, its a cool look into some of Sega’s early post-Dreamcast plans.