Florida mom finds bag of meth in used copy of Grand Theft Auto V

We’ve heard of consumers buying videogames and getting a pile of rocks, pornography and many other items you would never expect to find in a videogame box. This new surprise really steals the show though.

A Florida mom recently purchased a used copy of Grand Theft Auto V from GameStop for her 11 year-old. Yes, I know. WTF at buying a kid Grand Theft Auto.

But that’s not what’s interesting about this story. When she got the game home, it turned out the game case contained a bag of meth. Like, real Walter White meth. Okay, it probably wasn’t blue. This must be the most appropriate bonus for buying a game ever.

GameStop issued this statement:

We are disappointed to hear about the experience one of our customers recently had when purchasing a pre-owned video game from one of our local Tallahassee, Florida stores. We work diligently to ensure the quality of our pre-owned items are like new. Unfortunately, in this circumstance our thorough process fell short. We are extremely concerned that this incident occurred, and are working with the local police department to support them in their investigation.

As someone who has worked at a GameStop I can tell you, a lot of employers don’t do as thorough searches of consoles and games as they should. The mother of the child, Kayla McAllister urged all her friends on Facebook today to check all pre-owned games they buy, which is sorta something you should do anyway. Then again, you’d never expect to find a bag of meth in your game so this is a very odd and rare situation.