Bungie pulls back the curtain on Destiny 2 gameplay

Bungee showed off the first gameplay for Destiny 2 today during an event in Los Angeles so let’s get into the details.

The developer showed off the game’s first mission, “Homecoming”, where the Cabal invade the tower and destroy it. Players lose their weapons and abilities, all to the new villain Commander Ghaul who is the leader of the Cabal’s Red Legion.

Players will have three new weapon slots that allow you to use the same weapons between them, the three weapon classes are called Kinetic, Energy and Power. There will also be new character classes like the Warlock’s Dawnblade, Titan’s Sentinel and the Hunter now has Arcstrider.

One major QOL improvement is that players can launch activities and missions anywhere, so no more going to orbit just to figure out what to do next. Each playing space will be fillies with treaties hunts and hidden dungeons called Lost Sectors. The four playable planets include the European Dead Zone on Earth (which was cut from the first game), Titan, IO and Nessus.

A fleshed out clan system will be present. Guided Games is a new feature that lets players not in a clan join up with a clan to accomplish end-game stuff that is difficult to do without friends to play online with. It’s essentially an in-game version of LFG.

Overall I fee like this is a reboot of Destiny 1, not a full sequel. The graphics don’t seem to have gotten any noticeable increase which is strange considering this sequel does not need to run on last gen consoles. It does feel like Destiny 1 and half for sure and I’m personally okay with that but Bungir really should have done more to give the sequel more of its own identity especially when you consider how played are losing all the content they earned over the last three years.