Microsoft reveals final Xbox Scorpio tech specs

Digital Foundry and Microsoft today teamed up to reveal the final specifications of the upcoming Xbox Scorpio console.

There are a lot of details, too much to summarize here so you should really view the whole article at Eurogamer.

The system will apparently be using suped up, even more custom CPU based on the Xbox One’s Jaguar processor, clocked at 2.3Ghz. The GPU clocks in at 6 teraflops while 12GB of GDDR5 memory give it 326GB/s bandwidth. It will have 1TB of storage and will have system wide Super sampling for users with 1080p TVs instead of 4K sets.

Microsoft is allowing the console to boost older Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, potentially eliminating screen tearing and performance issues with older games. This wouldn’t even require much work from the developers themselves.

No word on price yet though MS would be wise to save that for E3. As is, I could see this coming in at $399 but this is Microsoft we are talking about so you never know.

There are still important questions, like whether there will be Scorpio exclusives (which they say there won’t be but it’s hard to believe them) or whether game installs will speed up with Scorpio.