Hot Shots Golf coming to PS4 on August 29 as Everybody’s Golf

Sony announced today that Hot Shots Golf for PS4 will hit the U.S. on August 29th. It will also be re-titled Everybody’s Golf here in the U.S., ending the long running Hot Shots brand in the U.S. for the time being.

It will cost $39.99, feature online play and a somewhat strange art style. The PS4 has seriously lacked good simulation and arcadey golf games this generation so I’m on board for this day one.

Unfortunately, Everybody’s Golf comes out at a rough time. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases August 22, Yakuza Kiwami hits the streets the same day on August 29th and the following Friday will see Destiny 2 release.

Still, its finally time to hit the links on PS4 folks.