Epic Games: Over 20 Japanese Switch games being developed with Unreal 4

Nintendo’s consoles have made great strides in supporting Epic’s popular game engine, Unreal. The Wii famously couldn’t support Unreal 3 when it came out in 2006 and the Wii U couldn’t run Unreal 4 in 2012. The Switch however, can run Unreal 4 and has several UE4 games in development, with Snake Pass already being out on the eShop using Epic’s game making software.

Today, Epic confirmed that there aren’t just a few UE4 titles in development for Switch, there are dozens, specifically over 20 from Japanese game developers. Epic Japan’s Takayuki Kawasaki said this:

Unfortunately, there were not any Unreal Engine titles at launch, but in late March, Snake Pass, which was one of the titles playable at GDC, launched in America and Europe, and at the Nintendo Switch Presentation, there were titles such as Shin Megami Tensei. In Japan, there are about 20 titles being developed that use Unreal Engine, so I think that they’ll be announced gradually from here on.

We know Shin Megami Tensei and Bloodstained are two of these titles. Square Enix has said they plan to port and bring as many games as they can to the Switch and they are using Unreal 4 for games like Kingdom Hearts 3 so this could potentially be good news for the Switch in terms of receiving similar AAA game support to Xbox One and PS4.

Of course, seeing is believing. Unreal 4 scales very well even to lower powered hardware so even if the Switch can run UE4 games, it will be in lower resolution than on other platforms. Still, its a big improvement over not supporting the engine at all.