Switch has strongest U.S. debut of any Nintendo console, Zelda best-selling Nintendo launch title in U.S. history

While it is still early, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has shared some details over the Nintendo Switch’s commercial debut in the U.S. this past Friday. He told them that the system debuted to the best two day sales of any Nintendo system in company history, even better than the Wii in 2006.

To be fair though, while there was a lot of Wii buzz in 2006 it also took the company and industry by surprise so it isn’t a shock that the console could outperform the Wii in its first two days in stores.

Additionally, Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the best selling stand alone launch title in Nintendo history, besting Super Mario 64 in 1996. For comparison, most Nintendo consoles that you could compare the Switch’s launch sales to released during a holiday period, not early in a new year like the Switch.

While this is a promising start and it certainly looks like the Switch is outperforming the Wii U’s debut, judgment should be reserved until E3 at the very least. Then, we’ll have a more clear picture about how the public is receiving the Switch.