Sony’s PS4 owns 51% of the global console market, Xbox has 26%

There is an interesting new report on the console market out today by IHS, shedding light on the shape of today’s console market.

They say that hardware sales for all consoles dropped 2.5% in 2016, with consumers spending $34.7 billion on consoles. Sony’s PS4 console now claims 51% of the console market globally while Microsoft’s Xbox One system can claim 26%. IHS also puts the sales of the PS4 and Xbox One at roughly 53 million to 27.6 million at the end of 2016.

The company says they expect 2017 to be a rebound year for gaming hardware due to the successful launch of the Nintendo Switch just two weeks ago. As is, it certainly seems like Sony owns more than double the console market then their next closest competitor, Microsoft. If you had told me in 2012 that Sony’s next console would be doubling, if not tripling Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox in sales, especially in the U.S., I would have thought you were crazy. This generation has certainly played out a lot differently than many of us expected when it started several years ago.