Sony shares new info on Uncharted: Lost Legacy

Sony has posted an in-depth first look into the plot and world of Uncharted: Lost Legacy, which will release later this year on the PS4.

As you probably already know, Lost Legacy is a stand alone game set 6-12 months after the ending of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. It stars Chloe, Drake’s main companion from Uncharted 2, and Nadine, one of the primary villains in Uncharted 4.

At the moment Sony and Naughty Dog are only saying that the game will be longer than The Last of Us: Left Behind (which was roughly two hours) but not as long as Uncharted 4 (which took me roughly 15 hours on Normal difficulty) so really, it could be anywhere in between.

There is so much moer to read about the game, so check out the the Playstation Blog for more information.