Report: Nintendo to double Switch production from 8M to 16M units this year

After the commercial failure that was the Wii U, Nintendo was supposed to be more conservative with the Nintendo Switch. They were planning on shipping 8M units this year, which is down from the outrageous numbers they thought they were going to ship for the Wii U in 2013-2014. They even had to shut down Wii U production for a while shortly after launch due to having too many units and the system not selling well enough.

Two weeks after the Switch launch and after an estimated 1.5 million units sold globally, Nintendo is reportedly planning to double their Switch production for 2017. Meaning they’re going to jump from 8M units to 16M units. This is a bit extreme if you ask me.

From a business perspective, I’d wait until the summer to see how badly sales drop off. If they maintain a healthy pace as the company keeps shipping numbers at normal levels at least they can avoid shipping too many should demand suddenly drop in the coming months.

As is, with Mario Kart 8, ARMS and Splatoon 2 coming through spring and summer, the Switch does have a very good first party line up. 16 million units is a lot though. It makes you wonder if Nintendo is getting too optimistic about early launch sales or if they have some sort of ace up their sleeve for the holidays, other than Super Mario Odyssey.