Project Sonic gets renamed Sonic Forces, Sonic Mania delayed

Today at SXSW, Sega announced a new name for Project Sonic, their next 3D Sonic game. It is now called Sonic Forces and will release later this year on PS4, Xbox One and Switch. It will feature three different types of gameplay and will be a cross between Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations.

In addition to this news, Sega announced that their upcoming revival of 2D Sonic, Sonic Mania, will not ship until later in the summer. It was originally set for a spring release in late May.

Sonic Forces sounds like, well a lame title but I’m holding out hope for it. If its close to Generations it could very well be good but Sega has a way of messing up even the simplest things. Mania’s delay is disappointing but hopefully it won’t be more than a month or two.