Orisa announced as the latest character addition to Overwatch

Blizzard has revealed a new character for Overwatch, and her name is Orisa. Nope, its not the long rumored Terry Crews voiced DoomFist. Blizzard sure has a way of trolling their own fans. That said, Orisa looks to be a good addition to the game’s list of heavies. For those who love the short origins story videos Blizzard releases, here is Orisa’s origins video.

Crafted from robot parts left in Numbani by an 11 year old scientist, Orisa can drop a shield on the battlefield, fortify herself to reduce incoming damage and her ultimate ability gives all allies within line of sight a significant damage boost.

You can see the developers at Blizzard talk about her in the video below.

Right now, players on PC using the PTR can take Orisa for a spin. She is certainly adding a new wrinkle to the game’s already deep roster of characters. She’s no DoomFist but Orisa is a character I’m looking for to testing out myself.