Nintendo Switch uses stock Nvidia Tegra X1 chip

Some analyzing of the SOC inside the Nintendo Switch has confirmed that the system’s main processor isn’t as “custom” as Nvidia made it sound. It turns out it contains the exact same 20nm system on a chip that the Nvidia Shield TV had in 2015.

This chip can perform up to 500 gigaflops from its GPU and has 4 ARM A57 cores and 4 ARM A53 cores. The A53 and A57 cores can’t be used at the same time so essentially, the Switch only has a quad-core CPU. It also contains 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM.

For more information on this development, visit the hyper informative NeoGAF thread on the matter.

Honestly, the idea of the Tegra X1 chip inside a portable Nintendo device with a 720p screen is still astounding to me though I’m sure many people will wish the chip was closer to home console capabilities.

All I care about is playing Breath of the Wild on the system and for that it gets the job done.