Nintendo Switch has best-selling debut of any Nintendo console in US/European history

It looks like the Nintendo Switch had a good sales debut around the world. In Japan, it debuted to sales of 330,000 systems this weekend and is largely sold out in the country.

In Europe, it seems Nintendo may be making up for a lot of ground they lost with the Wii U. The Switch is the fastest-selling Nintendo console in European history at launch, outselling even the Wii’s debut in 2006. Infact, Zelda is selling better than any other Nintendo launch title in Europe, beating out Wii Sports which was BUNDLED with every Wii in 2006.

Meaning Zelda’s attach rate is likely something crazy like 80% or more. Switch launch buyers that didn’t buy Zelda seem to be a rare breed. In France alone the Switch sold 105k consoles. Nintendo of France publicly stated last month that their goal for Switch sales in 2017 is 800k, which was how much the Wii U system sold in France during its entire lifetime. It seems like the Switch is on its way there.

So far it appears that the Switch is a hit with the system claiming the title for best selling or most successful launch of a Nintendo console in America and Europe and with Japan responding well to the hybrid system too.