Hello Games releases Pathfinder update for No Man’s Sky

This past week Hello Games released a brand new update for No Man’s Sky. Despite the game getting universally panned when it released last August, Hello Games is doing their best to turn the game around.

Their latest update, Pathfinder (seriously, why the fuck do so many games use similar buzzwords? Guardians? Pathfinders? Ugh) and it introduces a new vehicle to explore planets with, a new perma-death mode, PS4 Pro support and more.

Honestly, I’m pretty surprised with these updates. I thought maybe after the Foundation Update months ago that Hello Games had an uphill battle ahead of them and while I still do, putting work in like this could do wonders for the game. With a few more major updates like this one and a new marketing campaign alongside a discount version of the game and Hello Games could turn this game into a much bigger success.