GameStop says Switch launch was ‘best in years’, U.K. launch sales double Wii U’s opening

The Nintendo Switch released this past Friday and so far, it seems to be a runaway success at least commercially. GameStop’s Director of Merchandising Eric Bright said that the Switch’s launch was the best console launch in years. Though admittedly, only the PS4 Pro and New 3DS have launched since November 2013, when Xbox One and PS4 released.

Another bit of good news is the Switch’s debut sales in the U.K., an area normally dominated by Playstation consoles. The Switch sold 80,000 units during the weekend in the U.K., which is double the 40,000 the Wii U sold during its holiday 2012 launch weekend. That said, its a far cry from the PS4’s debut of 250k in one weekend when it launched there. Still, double the Wii U’s debut is a strong start for Nintendo.

So far, it appears many stores in the U.S. are sold out of the system though you could run into some units if you’re lucky in less populated areas. This is good news for Nintendo but of course the next few months will give us a much more clear indicator about how the Switch is being received by consumers.