Game Freak looking for character model artist for HD Pokemon

While we have rumors about the Pokemon franchise’s HD Switch debut, mentioned last year as Pokemon Stars by Eurogamer and listed by GameStop as “coming to Switch”, we don’t have any firm details on when and what we’ll get. It is rumored that the Switch may get a third version of Pokemon Sun and Moon but Game Freak has yet to announce anything.

Now, the Pokemon developer Game Freak, is currently looking to hire a motion modeler who has experience making character models on par with what you would see on the PS Vita and Wii U. Meaning above the quality you’d expect to see on the Nintendo 3DS. They also want this potential new hire to have experience with Maya, deciding character model specifications and creating “deformed” characters.

Honestly, that sort of sounds like a new game. I wouldn’t expect a brand new Pokemon generation game until 2019 or maybe 2018 at the earliest but then again, Game Freak has surprised in the past. They released Black and White for the DS in 2011 and then releases Black and White 2 in 2012, following by the first 3DS Pokemon games in 2013.

I think a third version of Sun and Moon would make sense though they could also call it “Sun and Moon 2”.

Hopefully we see Pokemon running in HD and on a home console, the Nintendo Switch, in the near future.