Rumor: New Batman Arkham game to be announced on March 8, sequel to Origins

Rumors of a new Batman Arkham game surfaced this week as a supposedly disgruntled WB Montreal employee leaked info on an upcoming sequel to Arkham Origins on Reddit.

This employee said the next game in the franchise was taken over by WB Montreal after Warner Bros cancelled their Suicide Squad game and will be called Akrham Insurgency. It will focus on a break-out from the Arkham prison, of course, and take place three years after the events of Origins. The Joker will make a return but will not be the main villain this time. This employee added that the game will be announced on or around March 8th and that he/she doesn’t expect to be working at WB Montreal much longer.

Additionally, the leaker says the Bat-mobile will have its importance reduced from what it was in Arkham Knight where it was necessary for all boss fights except a few. It will supposedly be re-worked to just be about navigating three separate islands and less about car combat. The game will reportedly star Batman alongside a young Dick Grayson as Robin.

Now, Warner Bros has posted a teaser online advising fans to “save the date” for March 8th. You can view the teaser image right here.

It certainly sounds like we’re getting a new Batman Arkham game. I was disappointed by Arkham Knight’s excessive use of the Bat mobile in 2015 but overall, I’m down for a new installment in the franchise. It is rumored to be shipping before the end of 2017.