Retro Studios tortures Metroid Prime fans by teasing their next game with images of prime ribs

Retro Studios, based in Austin TX, is one of Nintendo’s biggest studios in terms of importance to fans. Their last two games were Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (Wii U, 2014) and Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii, 2010) but before that they worked on the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

They have yet to reveal their big Switch game but when asked on Twitter today that started teasing their next game by posting images and videos of prime ribs.

Yes, you read that right. Prime, as in Metroid Prime. Maybe this is nothing or just trolling by Retro, I don’t know. Seems excessively cruel to tease fans with such a clear connection to the Prime series. They added that what they are currently making is “delicious”.

Of course they could be referring to food they are literally making in the office at the time of the tweet but they followed up the initial teaser image of prime ribs with a video of the ribs flipping on a grill. This seems as blatant as you can get for a tease.

Hopefully we find out what Retro’s new game is soon.