Incredibly lucky fan receives Nintendo Switch two weeks early, posting videos of system OS and more

Someone in the US has already received their Nintendo Switch console. The press has begun receiving units but this particular individual, known online as hiphoptherobot, received his retail unit two weeks early! He did a low-res but nonetheless merciful video showing off the Switch’s snappy, sleek and simplistic user interface.

When he tried to access the eShop he was prompted to a system update which I’m not sure he will do so far ahead of the system’s release. As is, this is the first real look we’ve gotten at the system’s UI and settings aside from leaked developer documents. It is strange to me that Nintendo has yet to announce a Direct or video presentation showing off more of the system’s OS functions, eShop or Virtual Console offerings.

This appears to be the closest we will get until Nintendo blows the lid off the Switch’s OS and UI. Whether that happens at all before March 3rd, we don’t know. You can watch the three minute video showing off the Switch’s OS below.