Destiny 2 still on track for release this fall

Activision confirmed yesterday that they plan on releasing Bungie’s Destiny 2 this year, infact during the fall. This points at a September release, just like the original Destiny and every expansion since 2014.

They say that the sequel will focus more on story and characters and will have more global appeal. It has been rumored that it will finally release on PC after the first game skipped the platform entirely.

A major factor into this news is that, isKotaku reports that Activision will get a significant portion of Bungie stock should the Halo developer miss its 2017 deadline. Destiny 2 was originally supposed to come out in 2016 before being delayed until this year for retooling.

It isn’t clear what changes will be brought to the core game. Perhaps Bungie scraps the characters players made in 2014 and opts to have fans start fresh. That would certainly send waves, both positive and negative, through the loyal Destiny community.

As is, I’m excited to see what Bungie has in store. It is rumored that multiple Activision studios are helping with the game and that Bungie alone has over 300 staff working on it. We’ll see what happens later this year.