Pikachu 3DS coming to US next month, Mario Sports Superstars gets release date

This morning Nintendo announced some new retail deals for 3DS games and release dates for some upcoming titles.

To start, they will be releasing the yellow Pikachu themed New 3DS XL you see at the top of this post on February 24. It will cost $199 and will not come with an AC adapter, like all New 3DS units.

Additionally, Mario Sports Superstars will hit 3DS on March 24th. This mix of soccer, golf and other major sports will support Amiibo cards and will not feature single-card download play for local multiplayer, potentially killing a lot of its appeal. Though it seems like the closest we’ll get to a new Mario Strikers/Soccer game for a while. Why this isn’t releasing on the Nintendo Switch to pad its lineup, I don’t know.

If you’re looking for a new game to play on a budget, Nintendo is adding Kirby Triple Deluxe and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team to the Nintendo Selects line on 3DS. Both titles should be $19.99 in the near future. Personally, I found Dream Team to be a bit boring and never got through it though for fans of the Mario & Luigi series I’m sure you’ll like it. I hear good things about Kirby so for $20 (or $16 with Best Buy’s GCU program) its a nice pick up too.

Lastly, Nintendo went out of their way to mention Pikmin 3DS in today’s press release. They say it will launch later in 2017 “exclusively” on the 3DS, so no Switch port of that game. It still isn’t clear whether this was the Pikmin game Shigeru Miyamoto was talking about when he said the next Pikmin game was almost done back in 2015.