Phil Spencer: Scalebound’s cancellation ‘hurts’, first party studios are ‘critical’

Scalebound’s cancellation has hit the Xbox brand really hard. The unique looking action title from Platinum was cancelled after premiering at E3 2014. A few other E3 2014 games at the Xbox conference have been cancelled or delayed.

Addressing fan concerns, xbox’s Phil Spencer said this on Twitter today:

“I know we have to take risks. I realize right now probably sounds hollow but I agree. I won’t abandon signing independent studio projects but I agree first-party internal studios are critical. It hurt me as well and to the community I apologize. I want everything we start to turn out great, to take risks, create diversity.”

Microsoft certainly needs to add some first party studios. While they do a good job of acquiring third party deals and partnerships, the trifecta of Gears, Forza and Halo are getting repetitive. And I have loved the most recent installments in those franchises.

Hopefully games like Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves are worth their long waits.