Fix for overheating PS4 systems with Rocket League found

Rocket League released on PS4 and PC yesterday and experienced a few hiccups. The game’s servers have been off most of the time and some PS4 users were seeing their systems overheat on the game’s menu screen after only 10 minutes or so.

It appears that this issue is due to all of the stuff going on in the background of the main menu.

While a long-term fix is surely in the works over at the developer of Rocket League, a temporary fix for those experiencing Rocket League overheating their PS4 systems is to use the right analog stick on the main menu to point the screen downwards towards your car. This stops the game from putting all of the background stuff on screen, thus decreasing the amount of fan intervention and heat in your system.

Psyonix released an official statement about the overheating issues, swearing that they will fix it soon.

We are aware of these reports and we are taking them very seriously. We have already taken measures to reduce fan noise in upcoming hot fixes and patches, and we are also investigating what kind of effect the excessive fan noise may have on the system itself. We’ll definitely keep everyone updated with what we find.

It looks like we won’t need this quick fix for long as Psyonix is on the case.

Users from across the web are reporting that this small tweak is working for them so if its happening to you, give it a shot. At least until Psyonix has a better fix.

  • XanderZane41

    Hhhmm.. mine didn’t overheat, but I didn’t stay in the main menu for long. I was playing the tutorial to try and get a feel of the game. Hopefully they will release a permanent fix soon.

  • optimusgreg

    “in upcoming hot fixes[…]” Lull

  • Dennis Crosby

    Even though its truly sucks that people PS4’s are overheating. It is a little amusing that and indie game is doing it. It kinda a David Vs Goliath situation. Hopefully they get it completely fixed soon

    • sunny

      It’s an Unreal Engine 4 bug specific for PS4, the indie game Ether One had this same exact issue which was also made in UE4

      • evilfangs .

        What bug is this exactly?

  • d0x360

    Over heating isn’t the right terminology. It’s making the ps4 fan spin fast yes but over heating implies its gone past a threshold and suffering from thernal failure and the result of said failure is either system shut down. (If Sony is smart) or system failure.

  • Foxdie

    I just gave the game a try yesterday and my ps4 overheats after literally 1 match. Get the blue screen saying it’s too hot and I have to shut it down. Lucky if I can finish 1 match. Then again, my ps4 has been on the fritz since launch (jet sound and overheating issues altogether) so it might just be mine..

    • Foxdie

      Strangely I only seem to experience this with certain games. Rocket League and Ether One both overheat my ps4 within minutes every session, while I can play Arkham Knight and Life is Strange for hours on end. Don’t know whether it’s my faulty jet sound ps4 or these games in specific. -_-

  • Nodak

    PS4 has safe guards to shut down if it gets too hot. If the fan is loud and running hard, then it’s working the way it was designed. I’d be more worried if I didn’t hear the fan running while playing a game for a long period of time. I’ve read on a few forums people claim it has actually melted parts. I think that’s a bit of an over exaggeration. If its not, I believe something else was going on with those systems before this game. The console should shut down when true over heating takes place.