PS4 CUH-1200 6db quieter tests show

Some PS4 users have complained about their systems being too loud. The system gets hot, likely due to the internal power supply, and the fans kick in and cause a commotion, some would say.

The old PS4 launch system could regularly run at 58db in terms of noise during gameplay. The CUH-1200 model is supposed to 8% more energy efficient, so is it any quieter?

Early tests indicate that while the CUH-1200 model is quieter it is still 52db. That’s only 6db lower than the launch model.

So if you’re one of the people who has a noisy PS4, this new model isn’t going to change much. Depending on the pitch of the noise, 6db could be a sizable improvement. Of course, you’ll have to get one of these models in front of you to tell the difference personally.