Who needs to ‘win’ E3 the most: Sony, Xbox or Nintendo?

E3 is coming up in just a few weeks and every console maker has a legion of fans hoping for the best. Some of these fans are already claiming their favorite horse in the race will come out on top with the “best” E3 conference.

Shortly after every E3, fans argue which console maker “won” E3. By this, they mean which console maker showed off the most cool games and had the most noteworthy presentations. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft don’t want to be remember for having 20 minutes dedicated to a TV show, a live Usher performance or Ravi on drums.

So which of the three console makers NEED to “win” E3 the most? That’s up for debate as all three could use a boost of positive public opinion coming out of the event. Yes, even you too Sony!


The argument for Nintendo

You would think based off sales figures alone, Nintendo would need to win E3 the most. Wii U sales are slipping after a long Mario Kart/Smash Bros boost, only up 40% YoY in April. Splatoon is coming out along with Yoshi, Xenoblade and others. With Zelda delayed until 2016, it certainly looks like the Wii U lacks heavy hitters in terms of moving systems.

The New 3DS just came out and sales are already down to 110k-ish in April in the US. So it would make sense if the Wii U and 3DS received price cuts at E3. Truthfully, price cuts won’t fix everything. Nintendo will need a strong lineup of first party exclusives. The Wii U has a great lineup with the addition of titles like Star Fox, Devil’s Third and Fatal Frame. Add into that a surprise Animal Crossing or Paper Mario and Wii U’s 2015 would be good.

At this point, I don’t think any amount of positive E3 press will turn around Wii U or 3DS sales. Nintendo needs to instill confidence in fans leading up to NX’s 2016 reveal. Staying the course and simply delivering good software will mend some fences but Nintendo’s own positive buzz from E3 simply won’t drown out any positive or negative press from the other two console makers’ conferences.

The argument for Microsoft

The Xbox One finally outsold the PS4 again in the US during April. The system has been doing better and with the Gears remaster, Halo 5, Crackdown 3, Quantum Break, Fable Legends and the promise of Rare IP revivals it looks like the system has a solid lineup. You could argue that another price cut would serve them well and help MS close the lead the PS4 currently has.

But they’d be losing more money if they sold the system at an even bigger loss per unit. In addition to that, what impact would a price cut have? Sure, it would boost Xbox One sales in June but consumers will be wise to Microsoft’s temporary price cut game. Why buy an Xbox One in June for $299 when there is a good chance MS will sell it, temporarily, for $249 during the holidays?

MS should avoid anymore price cuts for a little while longer if at all possible. They’ll make more money on each unit and will help stop the toxic attitude amongst consumers that the system will be cheaper in six months at all times.

That said, if they can deliver great first party content, the promised Rare games and a new price they just might pull a PS3-like comeback in the US. All other territories are lost causes for Xbox One but a good E3 could mean XB1 being on top in the US. Microsoft needs to win E3 pretty badly but not as badly as,…


The argument for Sony

Sony is on top, why would they need to “win” E3 the most? Simply because they want to stay on top. The PS4 is starting to slide down a little bit in sales, losing out to the Xbox One by a very small margin in April NPD.

Sony also is gaining a reputation for not having a lot of good PS4 first party exclusives. I’m not knocking them, just stating the perception I’ve seen around all corners of the web. With Uncharted 4 delayed until 2016, they need a huge exclusive title to battle Halo 5. Yes, marketing deals for Destiny’s Comet DLC and Battlefront will move some PS4 systems but a lineup of PS4 only titles will do wonders.

The Tomorrow Children, Until Dawn, Tearaway Unfolded, No Man’s Sky will only do so much. Sony needs a few “big” surprises. Guerrilla’s new IP, new titles from Media Molecule and Quantic Dream would really “win” E3 for Sony. We all know if Team Ico reveals any PS4 game, be it Last Guardian or something else, they’ll have E3 in the bag due to fans finally getting what they’ve wanted for a decade.

If Sony can couple their known exclusives with some surprise reveals along with a PS4 price cut, ideally to $299 but $349 would also work, they’ll win E3. They have an advantage over Xbox One as being the mostly preferred place to play all games this gen so far.

There is a public perception that says the PS4 is superior and gets all the best versions of console games along with indies and Sony would be wise to keep that perception on the forefronts of consumers’ minds. Adding a PS4 price cut and some exclusives only possible with Sony would provide a one-two punch neither Microsoft nor Nintendo could counter. Sony should be less like Floyd Mayweather in his recent fight against Manny Pac and more bloodthirsty and aggressive.

That’s just my thoughts on who needs to “win” E3 the most. You can make a strong argument for all three. Who do you think needs to win E3 the most? Let us know in the comments below.