Nom Nom Galaxy Review: Soup For You!

Nom Nom Galaxy is an addictive game, deceptive even. Its simplistic visuals fit in with the Pixel Junk name but gameplay is anything but simple. It essentially combines Terraria with tower defense and a little bit of platforming. While the overall package ends up being worth it, Nom Nom Galaxy can be overwhelming at times and isn’t always explained all that well.

In Nom Nom Galaxy you play as a robot (equipped with a buzzsaw) trying to harvest ingredients for new types of soup in order to overthrow an evil Soup company that dominates the market place. You spend your time gathering ingredients, bringing them back to your base, making cans of soup with said ingredients and then shipping them off to the masses via rockets. Oh and you’re trying to ship out more cans of soup than your competitors and get 100% market share during each mission. Sounds adorable? It is!


Of course, those evil mega Soup corporations won’t let you take marketshare away from them without a fight, literally. Once you start gaining marketshare during a particular mission Soup Co. will attack your base and try to wreck your operations. The player can build guns to defend the base though you will not want to leave these guns alone when the enemy strikes.

These attacks can really mess with your plans. You can’t exactly see them coming but as your market share climbs you should expect it more and more. You’ll often get caught somewhere far away on the level, running back to defend your facility while sacrificing a good amount of time to gather resources. Combat and defense add a nice wrinkle to the game but at times it can be more annoying than anything.

Nom Nom Galaxy features 2 player local play and 4 player online co-op on the campaign’s stages. This is a joy because it allows you to dole out tasks to other players, making the whole experience a lot more stream lined and fun. One person can stay close to your base and focus on gathering nearby resources while also preparing for enemy attacks while others can search for harder to find materials.


There is a unique charm to the game, from the designs of the robots and enemies to the terrain and general gameplay mechanics, Nom Nom Galaxy feels decisively unique. It doesn’t feel like it entirely fits into the Pixel Junk series because it is more complex than most PJ games. Some players will give up after the first few conquest stages, never really “getting” the game due to how poorly it explains some dense gameplay.

Once you wrap your head around the core mechanics, it definitely feels like its own experience rather than a Terraria clone. The experience becomes very addictive once you fully understand how to play the game the right way.

Overall, I would only recommend Nom Nom Galaxy to fans of resource-gathering type games. Minecraft, Terraria, and others are good primers for this. Nom Nom is simpler than those two titless but comes with its share of confusion. The charm, addictive gameplay and welcoming nature make it an easy recommendation for patient gamers.

Final Thoughts

Nom Nom Galaxy may be too complex for the Pixel Junk label but its still a fun indie title to play in between major releases. Sinking your teeth into this interstellar soup adventure will steal countless hours from your life and you'll really enjoy once you figure out how the game should be played. Review copy provided by the developer. Played on PS4.

Overall Score 85%