Project Cars delayed until April 2nd

Project Cars has been delayed again. It was originally supposed to ship last fall and was subsequently delayed until next month. Now it won’t ship until April 2nd for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Wii U version will still be arriving at a later date.

Ian Bell, head of Slightly Mad Studios, said about this second delay:

Moving a release date was not an easy decision to make, as we know our fans are eager to get their hands-on on Project CARS. But we know that these extra days will allow us to provide the best game experience that our fans deserve. We assure you the wait will be worth it when the game does arrive early April.

It isn’t the biggest delay thankfully, only a couple of weeks. With March being fairly packed with Battlefield and Bloodborne, its a smart move considering all the software competition during the month. Fans who have been looking forward to the game for years will be disappointed but at least it looks like it will be worth it in the end.