Xbox One for $199 at Target, Select 3DS XL systems for $99

Got some gift cards to burn from Christmas? Right now Target is clearing out some gaming stock and they’ve got two killer deals. They are selling the Madden Xbox One bundle for $199.99 in store only, if you can find it. Yup, that’s half off!

It doesn’t stop there. They are selling the Super Smash Bros 3DS XL and Yoshi 3DS XL systems for half off as well. That’s $99.99 total! This deal has already gained steam on popular website Cheap Ass Gamer so people are aware of it. Want proof? This user already snagged a 3DS XL for $99.


You can check Target’s local inventory around you right here. Search for the Xbox One bundle by typing in the system’s DCPI number, 207-31-2015. The Smash Bros 3DS XL’s DCPI number is 207-01-0210 and the Yoshi 3DS XL’s DCPI number is 207-01-0209.

These deals are not going to last very long. You may not have much luck finding one around you but its worth calling or visiting the store to find out.