PS4 has 2nd best ever selling September in NPD history

Sony had a very good September with the PS4. Destiny and the White PS4 bundle pushed the system to sales of 550k units during the month.

This isn’t just nearly triple the system’s August sales, its the second best September ever that the NPD has tracked in the US. Yes, that’s right. Its was a record setting month.

The Wii is the only console to outperform the PS4 in any September with the NPD. It sold 687k in September 2008, just about 137k above the PS4.

Sony’s PS4 sold even better then the PS2’s best September, which was September 2002 where it sold 532k. It was ironically bigger than Bungie’s own Halo 3 launch, as the Xbox 360 sold 528k in September 2007 as countless gamers tried to “finish the fight” with Master Chief.

For comparison the PS3’s best September was just under 500k during September 2009, the month Sony released the PS3 Slim for $299.

So it looks like Sony’s marketing deal with Activision for Destiny paid off commercially. The system isn’t putting up Wii-like numbers at the moment but I don’t think anyone expects any system to sell those numbers again.