Notch openly bashes Wii U, says it only has ‘two games’

For whatever reason, Notch, the man behind Minecraft, has decided to openly bash Nintendo’s struggling Wii U platform online.

He’s sent out a series of tweets today aimed directly at criticizing Nintendo and their Wii U system. While he isn’t necessarily wrong for expressing his opinion (and he could just be trolling everyone), his remarks come across distasteful like kicking someone when they’re down.

Here’s his first anti-Wii U tweet:

This isn’t so bad. He says he wants more games to play on the Wii U. Fair enough and Nintendo certainly has loaded 2015 with more heavy hitters while leaving 2014 a little empty until Smash Bros. Notch’s next tweet is more mean spirited.

I don’t really understand, unless this is part of something bigger, why Notch has to do this. I understand that he and everyone behind Minecraft probably have no intentions of bringing the blockbuster franchise to Wii U or 3DS but why burn bridges with Nintendo fans?

Minecraft makes a ton of sense on Wii U, especially if it had Nintendo themed content like Zelda, Mario, Metroid skins or materials. Of course Mojang doesn’t see this as something they can profit from so they’ve yet to do it.

Still, I don’t think Notch should be so dismissive of the Wii U so publicly. Whose to say Nintendo isn’t a big business partner for them in 5-10 years? You never know what the future holds. No one thought Minecraft would jump from PC to Xbox 360 and become such a huge success on consoles. Microsoft did, contacted Notch and company and the rest is history. So whose to say Notch and Nintendo don’t find some sort of partnership that helps both them in the future? Minecraft styled Nintendo toys at stores? Heck, even that would make some decent money for Notch.

It always surprises me when public figures in the gaming industry act like jerks like this. I would think that with the millions of dollars Notch has at his disposal he’d be smarter than to bash a potential business partner in such a immature, fanboy-like way. It isn’t really the “oh he’s poking fun at the Wii U” that is upsetting, its the lack of professionalism that myself and I’m sure many others find distasteful.

  • Melissa Rossetti

    nobody cares about the wii U anymore, Wii u meh!

    • bigevilworldwide1 .

      No actually it’s the Xbox 720p that nobody cares about…..The Wii U is 2 million units ahead of the shitbox, so clearly more people care about the Wii U

      • Melissa Rossetti

        the Wii U also has a full year of sales ahead

        • cusman

          2 million units ahead with just 2 games. The XBO is in just as much trouble due to MS fumbling the messaging and launch as Nintendo has been with the WiiU basically supporting it almost entirely all by themselves after the royally also screwed up the launch and repeated the mistake of the Wii (stupid name and underpowered for 3rd party multi-plat support).

      • imXify

        The day before the Xbox One released, the gap between the two was 5 millions. Today the gap is less than 2 millions. It will pass the Wii U eventually no doubts.

        • KnickKnackMyWack

          Not at its current pace. Both systems are selling in the 50k – 60k range. At that rate Xbox One would outsell Wii U in about seven years.

        • Chrischi

          Launch sales? Before release the Wii U has 0 sold and after 1 month 3 million. Wii U was at 5 million and after 1 month Xbox stepped from 0 to 3 million. Seems to be the same for me, only that the Wii U has a bigger install base right now and during a games release it counts how many consoles are out there, not who had a year headstart. Xbox doesnt even outsell the Wii U, no price cut could change that. Xbox is actually the one in trouble.

        • TheChosen

          Don`t think so, sorry. Wait for next week- japan will drive WiiUs sales because most wanted title ther actually is “Hyrule Warriors” πŸ˜‰

        • demfax

          Wii U has been outselling XB1 the last few months. At this rate Wii U will stay in 2nd place unless XB1 picks up.

      • demfax


    • lassenwolf

      funny the xbox1 cant out sell it and dont say wiiu had a year on it so did the 360 on ps3 and wii and wii killed them both and sony passed the 360 in sales

    • Charles Dexter Ward

      More like nobody fully cares about consoles.

      • TheChosen

        This is just because- you know- 3DS gets the most games (more than any console). Thats it. The console-games of 2008 are now all on 3DS and/or where on PS Vita (which flopped, even Sony announced they do not make any more games for it). No more Monster Hunters for consoles now.
        Next hits of 3DS (until x-mas):
        – Monster Hunter 4 (japan in 1 month, europe in spring 2015)
        – Next PokΓ©mon-game which will drive sales crazy
        – Sonic Boom
        – Smash Bros 3D
        – Shin Megami Tensai IV
        For Shooter-fans IronFall 3D and Moon Chronicles (in autumn) as big eshop-titles and Cult Country is also coming.
        For next year- Final Fantasy Explorers- and other big titles are heading to europe.

    • TheChosen

      hahaha- but then you are lacking the best games πŸ˜‰ This time (X2, FRN, Bayonetta 1 Remake/2) only on WiiU πŸ˜‰ You want a Wave-rave like game? Only on WiiU! You want the best F-Zero-like game? Only on WiiU – and only real with 720p, 60 Frames, 8x AF and 4 and 8k textures. If you don`t care- fine. Your problem. But the next 90%-titles are only on WiiU now.

      Starfox also announced, next Zelda- hell they even are saying that the make some very special WiiU-Remake-games.
      And whats more funny is:

      Most wanted game of japan now:

      HYRULE WARRIORS πŸ™‚ Hahaha! Next Week will be very heavy in kind of sales. Its said that WiiU allready jumped from 9k to 13k in just one Week- because some people in japan allready had to make sure to get the console they need- for Hyrule Warriors – which comes out tomorrow on it.

      • demfax

        Wii U is outselling Xbox the last few months.

  • Kyle Rayner

    He’s saying what the rest of Wii U owners are saying. The only difference, is he’s the only one being heard. Nintendo should have planned better. I bet they won’t let this happen again.

    • AA

      There is more then 2 games/exclusives on the Wii-U, i’ve got 6 and still need to pick a few up. Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors & Bayonetta 2 will be out by the end of the year.

  • Roger Larsson

    Thee Wii U fans are up in arms…

  • James Fitzgerald

    Yes its surprising when your heros and famous people turn out to be just that people.

  • proves that “top-notch” just can’t count correctly, after making too many millions with one “non-game”.

  • HungryHippo

    lol Where is he bashing the systems? Kevin your taking his statements wrong did you read the whole twitter page? He is talking about zelda since the 2nd zelda game just came out in japan and a third one is coming next year. He even states mario kart 8 is awesome.

  • CMack .

    Why would his Wii U Gamepad need charging if he only played two games on it? Even if he were mocking the short battery life, he’s still implying he USES the thing. I honestly don’t see it as bashing Nintendo unless you take it out of context.

  • Loki

    just suck it up motherfucker, you sound like a jealous little fuck who thinks that he should be rich instead of notch, like you would handle it all a lot better
    have you ever heard of freedom of speech cocksucker? he’s just fucking around

  • Dadrixx

    Why is it a surprise ? Notch has always been an arrogant dickhead. Nothing new here.
    He made a great game, and an especially successful one at that, and he thinks he’s some kind of gaming pope.

  • Orange Lada

    Is that Notch I see throwing an irrational temper tantrum? I’m not impressed.

    • Jason Mounce

      It’s ‘Irrational’ because? ‘Temper tantrum’ because?

      No need to use instigation and insulting buzzwords because Notch upset you with his words – which at least in my eyes I can see him simply jabbing the Wii U calmly. Only one seamlessly having a temper tantrum would be people like you who get rustled by what someone says about a platform which may or may not be accurate. Why does it matter what the hell he says? rofl

      • Orange Lada

        Didn’t upset me in the least. Made me laugh. It’s like watching my 5 year old when she doesn’t get what she want and doesn’t know what she wants and is irrational about it.

        You do know there are more than 2 games, right? πŸ™‚

        • Jason Mounce

          You’re comparing a silly jab to that of a childs’ reaction, when his statements aren’t even child-like. They’re exaggerative and silly, but that’s it. Your comparison in itself is pretty childish in my mind though. You try to condescend a person with a different sense of comedic opinions because it’s not your own, a person you don’t even know nor should care to know – so you label them a child for what reason? Make yourself feel better? Compensation? This is my point. You’re being hostile to a person you don’t know ‘Because’ he made fun of a hunk of plastic and circuitry? I have all the right to tell ‘You’ to Grow up. rofl.

          You do know – You shouldn’t take everything on the internet seriously, right? . . . . Welcome to the internet. Careful not to let every comment rustle your jimmies and let it offend you whilst proclaiming you aren’t rustled – even when it is apparent you are. Lying to yourself gets you nowhere.

  • Fredrik

    Ever heard of “tongue-in-cheek”? And guess what: Notch isn’t all about the profits. I’m assuming that he felt that being open and able to make a tongue-in-cheek remark was worth the few people he might’ve hurt.

  • Pedro Carreira

    People are mad but he’s absolutely right. It’s also his opinion in his twiter account.

    • TheChosen

      He is just dumb. That is all πŸ˜‰ Maybe jealous about Wiius games? YOu never know. Sonys are mad about MS-Tomb Raider deal. Hell- why do i have to be mad? I play it on PC in 2 years (if i need to, but you know, TR is dead for me, i don`t like the “new” Tomb Raider at all, its crap).
      And Sonys and MS-fans are mad about the Bayonetta-exclusive-deal. Thats it. Maybe MS is just dumb and doesn`t know that Nintendo is not about cheap Thirdparty-projects like Watchdogs or Tomb Raider. Nintendo has its own games, and they wipe both- Sony and MS-games off the floor.

      Bayonetta 1/2 is a sure 90%-title! And it comes out in just 1.5 months.

  • Shreddedbrah

    Lol, he is completely right, the WiiU lineup is pityful.

    • TheChosen

      Fail! Hahaha- WiiU has the best exclusive games πŸ˜‰ The info alone, he says 2 games until 2015 just shows he doesn`t know what he talks about πŸ˜‰ Hahaha- MS- the joke of the industry.

      • demfax

        That’s some dedication right there.

  • TheChosen

    Prooves this person is a complete idiot. Hahaha! So what do MS-fans play, MS?

    Tomb Raider Remastered in 2015? Or is it Halo 2015- when its done? Or Sunset Overdrive? Yeah, i know MSs Xbox One has some exclusives that are coming- but hey- the most are delayed to 2015. And so many Thirdparty-titles were delayed to 2015 (not without a reason πŸ˜‰
    We have Bayonetta 1+2- those alone are two games. And Most nintendofans didn`t play Part 1 ever.
    We have Hyrule Warriors also coming next month. We have Sonic Boom this year.
    We have X2 next year- we have the next Zelda- we have RPG-maker (which couldn`t be even done on Xbox One/PS4 as they lack necessary controller), Mario-maker and many other EXCLUSIVE games.
    I can play Tomb Raider or other cheap Thirdparty-crap (like Destiny, lol most overhyped game from brainless sonyfans ever, remember Watchdogs? Hahaha!) on my PC, if i want. I don`t need a console for that. I even can play Witcher 3, GTA 5 (Port) or the coming Metal Gear Solid 5 on PC- with 4K and up to 120 frames/s. I don`t have to play Assassins Creed Unity on my WiiU, i can play it on PC with up to 4k and 60 Frames/s. I don`t need to buy the PS4/Xbox One-versions with dumbed down physics, dumbed down graphics, resolutions only 720- and whats more important- worse framerate, only 30 Fps for Xbox One/PS4 because of lacking cpu-power.
    I donΒ΄t need a PS4 for that.
    Well well. MS is a crazy company.

    • demfax

      If you have a PS4, PC, and Wii U that’s a good combination. Most Xbox games end up on PC, not so with PS4 and Wii U.

  • ThePokeMaster

    You’re taking jokes too personally. This type of emotional investment can’t be healthy.
    It’s just a machine like any other in your house. You can be critical about it and make jokes.
    That doesn’t necessarily make him a “fanboy” or “jerk”. At least he owns that thing.

  • hugepenis123

    he’s right tho