Nintendo announces new Wii U and 2DS bundles for the holidays

Nintendo is releasing a bunch of new Wii U/2DS bundles in the US for the holidays.

The first new bundle is a $299 32GB Wii U bundle that ships with Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land. Both games will be physical copies, not digital. This bundle will begin shipping mid-September.

Another Wii U bundle will contain Mario Kart 8, a 32GB system and Nintendo Land. Again, both games are physical. This bundle will be priced at $299.99 and exclusive to Wal-Mart.

All 2DS console colors will not include a code to download Mario Kart 7 from the 3DS eShop in October. These Mario Kart 7 2DS bundles will run $129.99, the normal price of a 2DS.

Essentially these bundles are stealth price drops for Nintendo. They went from including one game plus DLC (New Super Mario Bros U with New Super Luigi U) to include two full games in their Wii U sets. Previously the Mario Kart 8 bundle was $329.99 but came with a Wii Remote instead of Nintendo Land.

The 2DS bundles add an extra $30 value with MK7 so there’s that.

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