Rumor: Resident Evil Revelations 2 coming to PS4, XB1, 360, PS3

Rumor has it that Capcom plans to make the next mainline Resident Evil title a lot more like 2012’s 3DS title, Revelations. In that it will focus more on atmosphere and horror than straight up action though its still expected to be heavily centered around shooting.

Now a a large Russian retailer is listing Resident Evil: Revelations 2 for PS4, Xbox One and 360/PS3. Whether this listing is accurate and a hint to an impending game reveal or what we don’t know yet.

A straight up sequel to the game makes sense. Revelations ended up a bit of a cliff hanger, hinting at a sequel back in February 2012.

Of course this listing points at no 3DS/Wii U installment, ironic since the first game was originally exclusive to the 3DS. And it also says the game will be cross-gen, something most fans will probably groan at.

Still, I’m sure they’re hoping a cross-gen RE title will make them some quick cash with the PS3/360 versions. They do have all the assets from Revelations HD just sitting there so why not? Obviously most fans will be more excited about the aspect of a full-blown Resident Evil title for PS4/XB1 but that may have to wait a few more years, at least for one built exclusively for the new consoles.

  • Agent HUNK

    i really want to leave last gen out of this …. Focus on now and make the most out of this gens graphics. very few games have even held a candle to what this gen could produce.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Yeah it’s really time to start leaving the last gen behind and not hindering development of current gen games. Yes a lot of people haven’t upgraded either way but oh well, without a last gen option they either wont play the game or be forced to upgrade if games catch their attention.

  • I hated this game!
    In-fact R.E 6 was better than this.

  • *Travis*

    Yes!!!!! I loved this Resident Evil , had a lot of fun playing this on my 3DS! and now I’ll play this one on my PS4!

  • CMack .

    If true that there are plans for this game in place and they don’t include Nintendo platforms, all I can say is that even though I really enjoyed the first one on 3DS, I will not be purchasing this. I would understand if it was something they could only make on Ps4 and XBone, but if you are bringing this to Ps3 and X360, you better make that for the Wii U as well. Can’t understand all these companies screwing over the one console manufacturer who took a risk with your games. Looking at you Ubisoft and Bandai Namco!

    • GeneJacket

      There is no upside for developers to bring 3rd party games to the Wii U.

      The install base is such that, as of now, the time and resources it would take to develop or port a game to Wii U cannot recoup the cost. As much as it sucks for Wii U gamers, it simply isn’t worth it for developers.

      • CMack .

        The install base for the Wii U currently is larger than the XBone’s install base, granted that it’s been out longer, but the install base continues to form with the release of MK8, and hopefully a Smash Bros. boom. I do see your point, however, and I suppose I can agree in this particular case where a company like Capcom for which, it has been recently said, money is a tough subject. Regardless, the original RE:Revelations saw a 3DS only release. Capcom also has access to the original assets and engine they used for the Wii U release so it wouldn’t need as much work as a game that is literally being coded and built from the ground up. The real story here is that, if this rumor holds true, Capcom is simply just wussing out.

        • GeneJacket

          I don’t disagree, and I’m not saying Wii U players don’t deserve the game (if it’s real), but right now for Capcom it’s all about the bottom line.

          There’s also the matter of the the Revelations HD port selling fairly well on every console platform except Wii U, where it only managed around 80k copies, compare that to the original 3DS version doing around 780k, the 360 version doing 180k and the PS3 version sitting around 560k. By comparison, the Wii U version did pretty abysmally, so I can completely understand them forgoing a release on the system entirely. Like I said, though, it is a shame, but not entirely surprising.

          At the end of the day it’s on Nintendo to show 3rd parties why they should put their games on the Wii U, or at least give them some kind of incentive, but so far they’ve done a pretty poor job of that.

          • CMack .

            I definitely agree and based on those Wii U numbers, a Wii U release would be money sent down the toilet for Capcom. But what about a 3DS release? Based on those same numbers, it would be ridiculous for them not to release the sequel on the 3DS which was their most lucrative version along with close to 45 million 3DS sold to date, yet this rumor excludes them as well. And, you’re right. Nintendo has done a poor job of showing why the Wii U should be invested into by 3rd party companies and I hope they continue to turn that around with a more varied and larger install base. At the end of the day, this is still just a rumor and I have a PC and a PS4 to play what Big N doesn’t offer (:

          • bigevilworldwide

            There is a huge difference when it comes to 3DS and actual consoles. Yes they ported it from 3DS to PS3/360 and Wii U. NO that process is not the same and would probably require way more work than it would be worth. Handhelds and consoles are completely different entities, while a port may work fine with some work one way the same would not work the opposite

          • CMack .

            Yes, I understand the difference. The meaning behind what I said is simply “why would they (should the rumor hold true) skip making a version of the sequel for the platform that was most lucrative?” They did so for the original and it would just take separating your assets and having two creative teams work on the different platform versions. The only real danger for Capcom would be the extra money spent on the investment. As Gene mentioned before me, the 3DS version of Revelations sold 780k units. To me, that investment would be a risk worth taking.

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