Mario Kart 8 has 42% attach rate

Nintendo revealed today that they sold 2.82 million copies of Mario Kart 8 worldwide between May 28th and June 30th. This includes sales in the US, Europe and Japan.

This sounds very impressive considering how close the game came to hitting 3 million in just about a month. What some more perspective on this impressive figure?

With 2.82 million copies sold to 6.7 million global Wii U owners, that means Mario Kart 8 has an astounding 42% attach rate with the Wii U. That’s mind boggling and simply out of this world. Mario Kart has always been a big title but the fact that its selling so well on a system with such a small user base is nuts.

Of course it helps that Mario Kart 8 is a fantastic addition to the proud racing franchise, looks gorgeous and boasts one of the most fun online multiplayer modes this year.

Congratulations Nintendo, your Mario Kart 8 attach rate is truly something to applaud.